Arrive in the “Town by the River”

Intro to Gananoque

Known as the “Gateway to the 1000 Islands”, Gananoque is recognized internationally for its picturesque, breathtaking waterfront.



Only in Gananoque

From its rustic downtown to the winding streets that meet the waterfront, the town will welcome you with its host of activity and opportunity.

Here, you’ll be drawn in by a host of small town offerings nestled perfectly among major centres and the international border. Once you check through one of our three official gates, you’ll check in and seriously consider not leaving.

Reaching neighbourly borders in four directions, the stories of Gananoque and impactful new possibilities present a destination that will live up to your curiosity.

Paddling on the River

The water is your playground. How will you choose to explore?


Paradise is just one beach away. Here, you’ll find plenty of spots to take a dip.

Town Parks

Some days are just meant for playing. Bring a picnic, or just enjoy the views. 


Anglers come for the bass, northern pike and muskellunge, as well as brown trout and salmon.


A freshwater diver’s delight, especially for those interested in exploring ancient shipwrecks.


One of the most popular places in all of North America to let your dreams set sail.

Ideas to Kickstart Your Visit

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Living in Gananoque

Gananoque by the Numbers

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